Lead Generation

Bold Media Group maintains several owned and operated domains that offer consumers information and competitive quotes on Insurance, Financial Services, and other related products. Due to Bold’s institutional knowledge and retail experience in placing these products with consumers, we’re able to offer consumers educational background information relevant to the state of the industry and their needs, resulting in a motivated and targeted prospect for our lead clients.

Whether by warm transfer or form submission, we match 100% of our consumer inquiries on a real-time basis with our Clients depending on the best overlap between Consumers’ needs and personal details, and our Clients’ product mix, servicing capabilities, and customer acquisition parameters. Unlike the vast majority of the lead gen industry, Bold has over a decade of real world experience in placing retail products with consumers, giving us a unique and powerful advantage in bringing the right type of well qualified consumer to our clients.

With Bold’s state-of the-art lead QC and distribution technology, new clients can begin receiving leads from our existing campaigns in a matter of days. Insurance carriers and national insurance agencies may also consider exploring our capabilities to build and operate custom, branded campaigns where the consumer will be expecting contact specifically from your sales professionals. Please inquire for additional details and pricing.